EpiVac.net: Network for Immunization in Africa


Since 2007, the EpiVac.net network helps to improve the performance of immunization progrms in African countries eligible to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance by connecting EpiVacPlus program partners. EpiVac.net is one of the byproducts of EpiVacPlus. 

The network is composed of around 320 experts in applied vaccinology, field epidemiology, and health management. Membes are EpiVacPlus graduates or individuals otherwise involved in the program, as well as immunization partners.  

Objective & Missions

  • Provide technical support
  • Mobilize resources for activities that aim to improve immunization programs
  • Encourage translational research
  • Share information on best practices in vaccinology
  • Offer continued training to members specialized in issues related to immunization service improvement
  • Develop scientific and technical communication


Those wishing to contribute to EpiVac.net activities can register with one of the national networks or with the internataional network's coordination.

GIE EpiVac.net

In order to facilitate resource mobiliwation, AMP and three EpiVac.net country networks (Benin, Guinea, and CAR) created an economic interest grouping (EIG).