Results-based Performance

In collaboration with ministries of health, regional organizations, and other partners, EpiVacPlus provides technical support and expertise to countries on issues related to vaccinology, health logistics, health economics and financing, epidemiology, and more. The goal is to enhance the performance and results.

More specifically, support is provided for:

  • Evaluation of immunization programs: Review of the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI), especially the evaluation of immunization program performance, assessment of EPI logisticis, and evaluation of budgeting processes, costs and funding allocated to immunization programs, etc.
  • Strategic planning of immunization programs and in particular comprehensive multi-year plans (cMYP) and operational action plans
  • Preparation of applications for Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance funding for new and under-utilized vaccines (NUVI)
  • Organization of training and workshops in partnership with WHO and UNICEF on immunization program planning and financial sustainability, Gavi processes, etc.
  • Performance monitoring and supportive supervision